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What happens after the investment round?

At the start of the year, we wouldn’t have believed anyone who told us we would raise around €300,000 in one of the largest financial and humanitarian crises the world has ever seen. With months of uncertainty and doubt, our customers and fans have once again shown to be loyal and true Fromanteel-believers. Customers we can now either call Fromanteel shareholders, or even brand ambassadors. We’ve mentioned before that we’ll use the raised capital for further growth. In this blog, we want to shed some light on our upcoming investments in the growth of Fromanteel.

We initially set our goal at €500,000 as the limit for this round. However, with nearly 60% of that amount we can do a whole lot. We could push further for the last 40% and start investing the new capital once the round is completed, or we can start right away with the money that’s already in. We decided on the latter, and thus as of September we’ve started our growth plan for the upcoming years. It has been exciting to realise the possibilities we’ve unlocked by leveraging some extra equity. . Obviously, we’ve already had a set plan prior to raising capital, but to see that plan turning into reality is an exciting journey.


The past couple of months have been rocky for any business throughout the globe. The uncertainty of the whole situation made it difficult to draw a proper conclusion about the remaining of the year, let alone the upcoming years. However, some businesses and business models were proven to be ‘pandemic-proof’. One of the strongest business models that has definitely been tested these last few months is the D2C (direct-to-consumer) model. With everyone at home, ordering your products online became even more evident than before. For Fromanteel that solely means our plan to focus on this model was the right decision. With the ability to invest in this model, we’re more excited than we’ve ever been.

So, what are the first steps to our plan? The first thing we have to do is find the right people. Ever since we’ve seen our investment round gain traction, we’ve consulted our network and started actively looking for talent. After a deliberate process of interviews, introductions and brainstorming sessions, we’ve found three star players that will help to bring Fromanteel to the forefront of the online world. In the upcoming weeks we’ll start working with an SEO specialist, - this is an expert on anything concerning Google, helping us to rank higher on certain keywords. - An experienced growth marketeer, - a diverse person that comes up with innovative strategies to accelerate growth - and a social advertising specialist, who will ensure our advertisements are seen by the right target audience. The addition of these three key strengths are essential for further growth in the D2C/E-commerce world. 

The goal with these initial investments is to benefit starting in Q4. It has been an interesting year, but it has once proven our goals and ambitions for the future. Thus we thought; why not start right away? With the right optimization, some smart marketing ideas and the right approach to online platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram among others, we’re confident that we could start seeing the first signs of growth in Q4 of this year. This will be the tip of the iceberg as to what we’re aiming to achieve next year and the years after, but it’ll allow us to prove our investors what we’re capable of. On top of that, we’ll show our capability to invest in our growth, and prove future investors the potential of what will happen once we fill the remaining 40% of our investment round. 

We’re still actively welcoming new investors on a daily basis, but we’re not at our goal of €500,000 yet. The moment we reach this amount, we’ll be able to fully implement all of our ideas, goals and hire even more talented individuals. On the other hand, any individual that hasn’t had the chance to invest yet, can still become a Fromanteel shareholder at the current valuation. As we’re investing in our growth, we’re confident our valuation will increase, and thus any investor that joins us at this stage will benefit along the way. In the upcoming weeks, we’ll be sharing more about our growth plans. For now, we’ll conclude with a quote that sums up our current sentiment: "One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth.”

Are watches a good investment?

Do you remember when you were a little boy walking around town eyeballing businessmen in their suit and ties? You witnessed the finesse and allure that implied their success in the corporate world. You start fantasizing about starting your own business one day and having the ability to be that inspiration for a little boy staring at you. All you need is a suit, a tie, a nice car or a nice watch to inspire others just by walking around town. The assumption that this appearance of luxury and sophistication comes at a big price, is a big misconception.

It’s true, luxury products usually come with a large price tag that can range into thousands of dollars per item, especially in the watches industry. Quality Swiss’ made watches take a dedicated and cautious approach during the production process. However, the price isn’t solely made up of the material costs. The profit margins for luxury brands are extremely high; in some cases the products are made in exactly the same factories as items ten times cheaper. In this blog, we’ll dive into the watches industry and see where you can find value for your money when investing in a new timepiece.


A watch is a small piece of plastic or metal, allowing the wearer to see the current time. When you’re carrying a mobile phone indicating the time nearby the second, why would you spend thousands of dollars on a watch? When there are watches that sell for $20, why would you spend thousands of dollars on a watch? Similar to the reason for buying mansions and yachts, it is mainly because people would like to portray a picture to the outside world.

The same goes for luxury watches. A well-crafted watch is way more than a timepiece, it’s a symbol of status, well-being and enjoying the finer things in life. The issue, however, that many have with most luxury watches is their price tag. Anyone knows the most famous Swiss’ brands as they’re widespread across wealthy individuals and celebrities. The downside is that this luxury is exclusive to those with fat pockets, bulging in cash. 

More than a display of time

Benefits of luxury brands

Investing in a luxurious brand in order to make money is not the best strategy. It’s hard to predict whether your luxury investment, watches in this case, will yield a positive return on investment over time. For some, investments in luxurious brands bring returns on a social level, instead of financial level. Studies have shown luxury brands enhance your status, and can bring you benefits in social interactions.

Several experiments have been conducted to show the correlation between a person wearing luxurious brands and their social status. In general, displays of luxury means a preferential treatment for the wearer. In some cases this preferential treatment even results in financial benefits. These studies show that investing in luxurious brands can in fact be a profitable social strategy that could yield a proper return on investment. Of course, this depends on the initial investment you make on your luxury brand.

The biggest issue when striving for these social benefits is making that initial investment. As we mentioned before, most Swiss brands sell watches for no less than a couple thousands dollars. They don’t need to, since the costs of fabrication are way less than the actual sale price. Some of the most prominent watches’ brands increase their price only based on their status, not on actual fundamentals. 

We are confident we can change this dynamic. Fromanteel is a brand that focuses on bringing quality timepieces without the hefty price tag. We’re not about watches that sell for thousands of dollars. We believe luxury should be available to anyone, not just a particular group of people. The same goes for our corporate structure. We decided we want to make our community our shareholders through a community-driven investment round. This brings you the opportunity to invest in a luxury watches brand without having to commit to an extremely high initial investment.

Finding value over time

What does investing in Fromanteel bring you?

We’re close to opening up our investment round for anyone that always dreamt of owning a share in a watch brand. It doesn’t take more than €50 to become an official Fromanteel shareholder. This way, we provide anyone with the opportunity to invest not only in our watches but in our brand. We’re raising €500,000 - which will enable us to further expand on our online channels, acquire new Fromanteel club members, and open up a second Fromanteel brand store. We’re excited and can’t wait to welcome you all as our shareholders.

As a shareholder, you’ll become part of our company. You’ll not be walking around at the office in Amsterdam, but you’ll now be part of the Fromanteel legacy. We’re an established company founded in 2009, but the future appears to be even more exciting. We want our shareholders to have a voice and share their opinion on our company’s operations. We do so, to stay in check with those believing in the essence of the Fromanteel brand, our philosophy. 

Besides that, we’re confident that by unlocking extra capital for our company, we’ll grow substantially and in a sustainable manner. Over time, we’re optimistic that our share price will increase accordingly and reward those who put their faith in us at this stage. On top of that, we are expecting to pay annual dividends to anyone taking a share in Fromanteel.

We’re offering a unique chance to take a share in Fromanteel - a young and rapidly growing watch brand. We would love to welcome you as our shareholder. Together, we’ll enjoy the ride and move forward to a bright future!

Fromanteel is ready for the next step, here’s why

When Fromanteel started back in 2009, the whole world looked completely different. It was the same year Apple released its iPhone 3GS as its most exquisite piece of technology, and Google released two services that are part of many people's daily lives nowadays: Gmail and Google Chrome. This goes to show how different the world was in 2009, thus a completely different environment for Fromanteel to approach their business. In 2020, after a decade of gaining experience and adapting strategies, the company came up with a robust future-proof market approach.

In the early days of the brand, Fromanteel focused on approaching as many retailers as possible. Soon after the launch of the first watches, the quality Swiss Made timepieces were available at multiple locations in The Netherlands. One of the largest warehouses in the country, De Bijenkorf, gained particular interest and became an official dealer. Besides them, the Royal Dutch Airlines, also known as KLM, hosted inflight sales and over a hundred jewelers throughout the countries sold Fromanteel watches. 

The brand grew and allowed the company to release its first automatic watches, the Pendulum. However, the world was changing at a much faster pace, and technology started picking up steam. Companies like Uber, Airbnb, and Spotify turned into unicorns that disrupted the way we were used to living our life. Both customers and companies started shifting their mentality, and slowly but steadily, brands started adapting their strategies.


In combination with the rise of technology and the consequences of the 2008 financial crisis, customers started to think twice about their relationships with brands and corporations. Back in the days, brands and corporations held a strong position; they delivered their services or products without any questions asked by customers since they weren't expecting anything extra. However, the moment innovative startups emerged that adapted technology and focused on building intimate relationships with their customers, entire industries shifted. 

Customers realized they could ask for more than plane delivery of service. Instead of settling for the most prominent brand, small but sophisticated brands emerged that satisfied specific customer needs. Brands realized they want to own their relationship with their customers, not resellers or third-party retailers. The shift in mindset went hand-in-hand with the rise of technology and the overall dependency on the internet in our daily lives. With this realization, an entire industry emerged. An industry which is, nowadays, known as e-commerce. Today, the e-commerce industry is worth over 3.5 trillion dollars.

Customer is king

Changing direction

Over the following years, Fromanteel noticed a decline in retail sales. What first turned out to be an effective strategy started to turn into a negative influence on the company. The retailers wanted to remain prominent sellers of the Fromanteel watches, but Fromanteel thought otherwise. What if we set-up a webstore and start approaching our customers directly, cutting out the middleman? In 2017 Fromanteel officially launched its first attempts at developing its Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) strategy. 

In the past three years, Fromanteel started experimenting with several techniques and strategies to maximize their webstore returns. The company managed to build a dedicated group of 14.000 customers known as 'Club Members' that's still growing daily. A large percentage of club members regularly buy new watches and prove the importance of their relationship with Fromanteel by attending exclusive events, making use of promotional deals, and receiving early access to new collections;the club members have become true brand ambassadors. 

Several established media outlets, such as eMarketer, forecast DTC sales to account for over 25% of the total eCommerce sales in 2020 and the years beyond. However, with low barriers to enter the DTC market, the importance of quality products became even more evident. Over the years, the strong demand for the Swiss Made timepieces by Fromanteel through retail merchants and online channels remained persistent, proving the importance of quality products. We realized it was time to say farewell to our retail strategy, cut out the middleman entirely, and go head-first into the DTC strategy.

Our new strategy means we're doubling down on streamlining the entire e-commerce experience and live by the core pillars of a complete DTC strategy; Brand Authenticity, Personalization, and Community & Advocacy. We're planning on opening a new brand store in the heart of Amsterdam to let our beloved customers taste Fromanteel's authenticity. Next to that, we're trying our hardest to build up a long-lasting personalized relationship with any Fromanteel wearer out there. To realize all of the aforementioned pillars and actively focus on the latter, we've got something especially for anyone that made it. 

Complete focus on DTC

Community & advocacy

As you might've noticed from our tone of voice, we don't like corporations treating their customers as a number. Each individual is unique and deserves a unique approach. To provide anyone with an opportunity to have their voice heard in shaping Fromanteel's future, we're opening up an investment round. We've chosen the community-driven way of raising capital to provide investors, both big or small, to take ownership of our company.

For as little as €50, you can become a Fromanteel shareholder. From that moment on, your voice will be heard as a brand ambassador, and you'll accompany us through the upcoming pivots, iterations, and changes our company will undergo. As a shareholder, you'll receive annual dividends and enjoy an increase in share price. That is, obviously, if our growth plans materialize.. We're doing this for our customers with our customers.

We can't wait to welcome you all as our shareholders and not only reach our customers with our watches but now even with our shares. The future is looking very bright, and we're happy to have the ability to invite you along the way!

Quality Time: Fromanteel’s brand philosophy explained.

A decade ago, we already saw the world pacing towards the current state of optimization. Thus, we thought it was time to start the opposition and create an alternative scenario. With our brand, we ask the current and future wearers of our watches, ‘what does quality time mean to you?’ Does that mean chasing your dreams and building up your own brand, traveling the world with your lover, or simply visiting your grandparents once a week?

Whatever it might be for you, we came up with three pillars for our philosophy: celebrating family, companionship, and achievements. There’s an unbreakable connection between family, whom you share precious memories with, and cherish these moments long after they have passed. The same goes for friends and loved ones that you consider family. These are the people you want to gather in moments when things go your way. When you achieve something great, it’s important to stand still and celebrate!

When humans stopped chasing animals to feed themselves, people started developing new emotions and new characteristics. Fast forward to the 21st century, and we see how humanity has transformed into a constant race against each other for optimization. This race causes a continuous urge for performance and stuffing as many tasks into every 24 hours. Isn’t it time to take back these moments we now refer to as ‘quality time’? Shouldn’t we start enjoying the moment again? 

We find ourselves in a world that lives by the philosophy that anything that can be improved should be improved: cars need to go faster, buildings need to be higher, businesses need to expand, and we should extend human life as long as possible. 

Millions of scientists are working day and night performing experiments to invent new medicines and scientific breakthroughs that will help us in the future. Besides that, there are dozens of places like Silicon Valley, where entrepreneurs get together to disrupt existing industries. This urge for optimization has slowly shifted from a global level to a more personal level.

The philosophy of Fromanteel


This mentality of wanting more all the time is causing unnecessary stress and anxiety. Especially the younger generations, are susceptible to the millions of advertisements, social pressure, and ever-changing environment. The fact is, nobody wants to be left behind. In a race to keep up with the world that’s moving at a very rapid pace, people come up with strategies and ways to boost their productivity. There are only 24 hours in a day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t finish a hundred tasks.

We stumbled upon a trend in the race to optimize productivity: lifelogging. With the help of several applications, people keep track of every single action taken in a day. This logging ranges from amounts of minutes meditated, reading time, phone time, sleepings hours to more practical matters like the food you ate, drinks you had, and people you spoke to. Besides the factual data, there’s also a list for your mental health: perceived productivity, perceived job happiness, and perceived stress. You might wonder, doesn’t keeping track of all this take away much of your precious time?


We do not appreciate the quality moments

When you’re continually looking for ways to improve your daily life, and always feel like you need to make proper use of your time, you leave out one crucial factor: quality time. In the end, we’re all facing the same destiny, no matter what you do in life. When you’re continually optimizing every detail of your life, all you’re doing is creating a more efficient way to reach your destination, which is similar to those who live an unproductive life. The experience itself becomes part of a bigger plan instead of being the primary focus, and that’s a shame.

It’s time to take back these quality moments. It’s time to go back to the essence and find out what’s important to you. There’s no fulfillment in having the ability to stuff 80 hours of work in a week that you could stretch out over a month. That leaves you with nothing more than a burned-out state of mind with a burning desire that you should have slowed down years ago. Let’s take matters into our own hands and bring back that ‘Quality Time You Can Truly Own’. 

The past decade, Fromanteel grew from a two-person company with a dream to a brand that inspired many men to take their quality time into their own hands. We saw the lives of our club members, our wearers, change for the better when we took the chance to have thoughtful conversations. It’s been one hell of a ride and our philosophy that we figured out for ourselves, suddenly became the lifeline for thousands of people. We realize that now, more than ever, those quality moments matter the most. 

When times are rough, and things don’t go your way, you might realize that life could be over in the blink of an eye. The past couple of months made everyone realize this harsh reality, which leaves us with the calling to spread our philosophy. In order to do that, we are raising €500,000 in our investment round. We invite any investor, big or small, to take their share in Fromanteel. With this new capital we will scale up our operations and thus bring our philosophy to the masses.

Quality time all around

Sharing our equity, sharing our philosophy

We adjusted our current strategy to accelerate the future of Fromanteel. Don’t get us wrong here; we’re not aiming to become the next disrupting unicorn. We’re aiming to reach the masses without neglecting the essence of our philosophy. We will do so by scaling our direct-to-consumer channels and elevate our entire e-commerce experience. Besides that, we’re planning on opening a new brand store in the heart of Amsterdam. 

We’re doing all this to bring back the focus to you as a consumer. We’re not a big fan of corporations treating their customers as a whole. Each person is different and should be treated accordingly. Thus, we want our customers to feel respected and understood. As part of this strategy, we’ve chosen for the community-driven way of raising capital.

What’s in it for you?

That means you can invest in Fromanteel as well. For as little as €50, you can become a shareholder of our brand. When you become a shareholder, you show us, and the world, that you’re willing to take measures into your own hands. You’re showing everyone that you truly want to own your quality time. You’ll be apart of a group of brand ambassadors that understand the true essence of our philosophy and believes in bringing this message to the masses. You’re a person that’s motivated by more than just dollar signs, you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t.

Fromanteel is an established company that has a proven track record since 2009. We’re growing each year and thus, becoming a shareholder might just be more than an ethical decision. Besides the annual dividend, we’re confident our share price will increase along with our philosophy reaching more and more people.  

We’re excited about the upcoming period in cooperation with our future shareholders, of whom you could be one. The question is; are you ready to truly take ownership of your quality time?


The story of Fromanteel as we know it today started back in 1607 with Ahasuerus Fromanteel. After leading a life dedicated to clock-making, the Fromanteel legacy was passed on to his sons. Little did he know he became the founding father of centuries of clockmaking. Who would’ve thought that hundreds of years later, the name Fromanteel would still represent quality timepieces?

The son of Ahasuerus, John Fromanteel, started dedicating his life researching pendulum clocks created by the notorious Christiaan Huygens. Accompanied by his father, the two went on a trip to Amsterdam on a search for knowledge. When they came back to England, the Fromanteels became the first pendulum clockmakers in the country. Besides that, Ahasuerus fell in love with the Amsterdam scenery and relocated to the Dutch capital in 1667. 

Fromanteel’s origin story dates back 300 years, here’s where its past meets the present.


Years of traveling back and forth between England and The Netherlands followed as gradually, the Fromanteels grew older. Family members passed away and eventually, not a single clockmaker carrying the last name Fromanteel walked the surface of the earth. What are the odds that roughly 300 years later, two men in Amsterdam would bring back the true essence of the Fromanteel family?

The two entrepreneurs Alfredo Silva and Martijn van Hassel came together as long-time friends with one thing in common: a dream. They shook hands to bring honor to the Fromanteel family by respecting the innovative, business savvy, and internationally oriented nature. In 2009 the Fromanteel brand was born in the heart of Amsterdam, the Dutch capital. Over the following years, the brand developed into a well-respected luxury watch brand with a proven track record. All these years can now be seen as preparation for the future Fromantaal is heading towards. 

A leap into the future

Challenging times bring life-changing opportunities

At the moment of writing, the coronavirus just made its entry in our daily lives. The entire world has been in a current state of shock in an attempt to keep its head above the waters. Meanwhile, the waters are rising in the form of uncertainty regarding an invisible virus that’s spreading at an alarming rate. Nobody could have predicted the consequences of the COVID-19 virus that has the world in a strong headlock the past months. 

Who would’ve thought that the thriving global economy would collapse in the blink of an eye to scribble back up with uncertainty making its way through the earth? These uncertain times call for new visions and the visionaries that come along. As with any good crisis, there’s a ton of opportunities out in the open. The current shift to digital manners in direct correlation with the worldwide lockdown is yet another confirmation of the new Fromanteel strategy.

Fromanteel has been about quality timepieces all along, the true essence of the Fromanteel family since Ahasuerus was born. With a changing world, it’s time to adapt our strategy. We’ve experienced first-hand how we can capture real customer value in our webstore. 

Not disregarding the strength of physical outlets, we have also learned how we can create an intense customer experience in our own brand store instead of using third party retailers. Taking these two valuable learnings along, we came up with a new strategy that stands for the next steps in the future of Fromanteel.

We are raising €500,000 through an equity crowdfunding campaign in collaboration with the share funding platform eyevestor. Throughout this campaign we invite any investor, big or small, to take their share in Fromanteel. With raising this capital, we unlock new possibilities. We will scale our direct-to-consumer channels; channels that have proven to be the most profitable over the last couple of years. 

Sharing our equity, sharing our dream

The moment you invest in Fromanteel you join a certain club. You join a club of dreamers. A group of investors that are motivated by more than merely a lucrative investment. You’ll be part of a brand that represents a family of entrepreneurs with a rich history filled with love for quality timepieces. You’ll be a partial owner of the dream you secretly dreamt of as a little boy, and we know you did.

Besides investing in a dream and a purpose, you’re investing in an established company. With more than a decade of experience, we’re confident that the share price will grow along with our ambitions. Plus, as a cherry on top, we expect to be paying annual dividends to our shareholders. 

What’s in it for you?

In collaboration with our future investors, which could just be you, we’re heading towards a new chapter for the Fromanteel name.

We take the rich history and passion of Ahasuerus in combination with our own drive and experience of modern times as ink to write our new chapter. This will be the starting chapter of a bright future that will live on to many generations, just like Fromanteel has done up till today.

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